Laying Ghosts

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Laying Ghosts
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When Connie’s beloved husband Jack dies after 27 years of marriage, Connie hopes that her only son Gary will console her. Gary, however, finds that level of commitment a bit, well, too much of a commitment. Connie is left with interfering neighbour Val until Gary’s girlfriend Sandra rings with some unexpected news.

This sets Connie on a journey from a village in the Midlands to Hackney and eventually to Ghana as she finds a way to come to terms with her grief and to forge new friendships and a new life.

Laying Ghosts by Claire Reddaway

Starring: Maggie Turner, Michael Good, Marishka Tharani, Nic Van Gelder, Ike Ononye, Linda Mathis, Carrie Cohen and Fran Kirkham

Written By : Clare Reddaway, Edited By : Jeff Moreno, Directed By : Emily Wright

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