Leaves in Autumn

Leaves in Autumn Wireless Original Audio Drama
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Leaves in Autumn
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Iris hadn’t clapped eyes on Jerry, the eighteen year old boy who’d swept her off her feet in 1966 for forty-three years – until a chance meeting at a funeral. Both are now widowed, but will the course of Autumnal love run smooth?

Leaves in Autumn is a gentle comedy drama about love, destiny and redemption. It stars Josephine Tewson (Keeping Up Appearances, Last of the Summer Wine), Hazel Douglas (Bathilda Bagshot in Harry Potter) and Hugh Walters (Doctor Who, Survivors).

It also features West End actors Emma Noakes and Steven Alexander as the young Iris and Jerry. If you liked this, why not download ANGELS IN THE DARK, also by Susan Casanove

“gentle, light comedy about love, forgiveness and redemption”


Leaves in Autumn Written By Susan Casanove

Starring: Jospehine Tewson, Hazel Douglas, Hugh Walters, Emma Noakes, Steven Alexander, Susan Casanove, Katharine Waugh and Simon Stanhope

Edited By: Joe Siddons,

Directed By: Tom Brazier

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