Plus One

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Wireless Theatre Company Audio Drama
Plus One
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Scooter, a 30 year old computer programmer, has recently received an invitation to a friends wedding.  He really needs to find a date! Through a series of awkward and funny phone calls to the various women in his life, Scooter comes to terms with his life and what might actually make him happy. ‘Plus One’ is a Write Bites collaboration between The Actor’s Guild of Great Britain and Wireless Theatre.

With; Tom Ward-Thomas as Scooter, Helen Johns as Stephanie, Abby Leamon as Zoey, Tina Harris as Jessica, Majorie Hayward as Scooter’s Mum.

Plus One was engineered by Joe Richardson at Nomadic Studios, London. 

Post-Production, editing and sound design was by Tshari King. It was directed by Jack Bowman.

Contains strong language and adult themes.

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