Jack Bowman

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Jack has been a professional actor since 2000. He began with regional touring productions, focused initially on theatre work before moving into audio. As such, he has lent his voice to numerous Wireless Theatre productions since 2007.

Theatre credits include Ben Elton’s Popcorn, The Siege, FROZEN, The Importance of Shoes with more recent vocal soundtrack work for Mojo and Jerusalem. His Feature Film, Short Film and TV credits include Crossroads (ITV), The Sweeney (Vertigo Films), Prose and Cons (Run Pictures/Foreshore Films), Pillow Talk (Lightman and Lightman) and White Noise (Wired Up Media).

Notable audio credits include all three series of The Springheel Saga, Dead London, The Curse of The Wolfman and Guards! Guards!

Jack is an accomplished producer and director.

Jack Bowman Writer

Jack Bowman wrote Dead London with Robert Valentine, and Phonophobia.

Listen to Jack in The Springheel SagaGullibility FactorFrozen and The Importance of Shoes.