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This original drama centres on main protagonist Zoe (Fay Downie) and the disturbing Kerry (Lexy Howe). Each week Zoe treats herself to a relaxing sauna, until one fateful evening she meets Kerry, a woman more obsessed with celebrity life than her own, and that relaxation is thrown into turmoil. Kerry is harbouring a dark secret but will it force Zoe to face truths of her own?

Recorded by an all female cast in honour of International Women’s Day, Sweatbox is a darkly comic look at society’s fascination with celebrity.

Written by actress Lexy Howe, Sweatbox is a showcase of female creativity developed to highlight the achievements of The Wireless Theatre Company’s female cast members.

Starring: Lexy Howe, Fay Downie, Jack Bowman

Directed by Jack Bowman

Edited by Joe Richardson

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