SHJ – S3E1 – The Secret of Springheel’d Jack – The Peril of the Empires

The Springheel Saga
The Springheel Saga
SHJ - S3E1 - The Secret of Springheel'd Jack - The Peril of the Empires
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UNITED KINGDOM, 1877. When Aldershot Barracks is attacked by the flame-wreathed ‘Night Terror’, Jonah Smith is called out of retirement by Her Majesty’s Government and sent on one final, deadly mission – to capture Springheel’d Jack!

The Secret of Springheel’d Jack – The Peril of the Empires

Written by: Gareth Parker & Robert Valentine

Starring: Christopher Finney, Jonathan Hansler, Paul Anthoney, Anthony Sergeant, Maggie Robson, Silas Hawkins, Ben Whitehead, Tom Slatter, Matthew Woodcock, Tony Parkin, with Louis Tamone, Jenny Runacre, David Benson and Matthew Kelly.

Title & Incidental Music: Francesco Quadraroupolo.

Editing and Sound Design: Joe Richardson

Producers: Gareth Parker, Mariele Runacre Temple & Robert Valentine.

Director: Robert Valentine.

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