Window of Opportunity

Window of Opportunity Wireless Originals audio drama
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Window of Opportunity
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Window of Opportunity. New writing competition winner. Three strangers become fixated and entranced by something they see.  What is it? Why have they stopped to investigate? Will they agree on what to do? Can they collaborate or will personality traits get in the way? This light audio comedy explores themes of inertia, inaction, indecision , procrastination and delusion.

Window of Opportunity

Written by Dermot Dolan

Directed by David Beck

With Neil Frost, Edward Harrison and Catherine Morris

Engineering and post production by Joe Richardson

Original music performed by Oliver Ford

Running Time: 30 Minutes

About the writer: Dermot Dolan has had three full length plays performed at London Fringe theatres. Most recently ‘Calais’ which followed the journey of four Eritrean refugees. (2016. Barons Court Theatre). Other works include the surealistic Chekhovian homage ‘War and Peas’ (2010. Lion and Unicorn Theatre) and the betting office tragi-comedy ‘The Pontefract Conspiracy’ (2006. White Bear theatre) Short plays include ‘Beyond This Place’ a Dystopian piece (Milton Keynes fringe competition winner; Carabosse Theatre Company. 2015) and the comedy homage ‘Rat Pack Recruit’ (White Bear. 2005). Dermot has many years acting experience on the London fringe.

” Very clever and smart. Skewers the common practice of taking too long to make easy decisions and creating problems when none exist. “


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