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The End of Gray's Malaise

The End of Gray’s Malaise

It’s been ten million, two hundred and forty eight thousand, four hundred and eighty seven minutes and nineteen seconds since Webster Gray left the …
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A Normal Night

A Normal Night

Simon has had a horrific childhood which he considers to be the reason behind being filled with desire for his girlfriend’s 17 year old sister, …
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147 - An audio short story from Wireless Theatre


The world’s first Tourettes Snooker player – and he’s in the world final. Will he be able to stay quiet with all the tension? Short …
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Short Stories - Audio MP3s to download free from Wireless Theatre

Saki Short Stories

Two darkly comic stories by Saki. Mrs Packletide’s Tiger and The Jesting of Arlington Stringham. Saki was born in Burma and grew up in Devonshire. …
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