Merry Christmas from Wireless Theatre!

merry christmas 1

It may have been a confusing year for many – but certainly not for audio theatre. Here at WTC, we have been involved in some really exciting projects and are so in awe of the world of audio drama and how it’s changing before our very eyes…. ears?!

When we first started making downloadable radio drama (way back in 2007), there weren’t really many others doing it, but we were passionate and confident that the internet was a brilliant new home for radio drama.

In just this past last year we have seen a new audience emerging and with that, an exciting new host of producers, directors, writers and engineers and communities, all pushing the boundaries and bringing a new voice. Some fantastic new audiodrama series have emerged, leaving listeners desperate to download their next fix, as well as some stunning soundscapes for traditional based ‘dramas’. People are creating and learning new techniques, sharing ideas and, to be honest, we’re almost struggling to keep up with the demand! What a great position to be in. It is no longer a ‘battle to keep radio drama alive’ but a wonderful time to be an ‘audio drama producer’ and long may it continue.

We are so excited about what 2017 and beyond will bring for online audio drama and we can’t wait to discover it with you! A very Merry Christmas to all our listeners and an audio-tastic New Year!

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