International Women’s Day 2021 Audio Drama

Celebrating female writers in audio drama for International Women's Day 2021

For International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating all the great women who write. This selection features just a few of our audio dramas and comedy written by women. Our collection includes DELETE by Nina Millns, which explores women’s relationships with each other and with technology. Comedy Purdy and Chase is a four part audio sitcom describing the misadventures of a pair of novice personal detectives. Thriller OMEGA, is an exciting police drama written by ex police officer Elizabeth Parikh.

An Interview With Elizabeth Parikh

Elizabeth Parikh writer of OMEGA police audio drama

Elizabeth Parikh is the writer of police audio drama OMEGA and I Heart Amy. An accomplished writer and author, she very kindly agreed to be subjected to a thorough grilling. If you have enjoyed her plays and wondered where she finds inspiration, or are a budding writer looking for tips, this is the interview for you.

Lisa Parry

Lisa Parry Playwright Chocolate Orange Biscuits Wireless Theatre

Lisa Parry is a playwright whose work has been staged regularly in the UK and the USA to great critical acclaim. Her collection of short comedy audio plays Chocolate Orange Biscuits is available from Wireless Theatre.

Jane Downs

Jane Downs Scriptwriter of Battle Cries Audio Drama Arab Spring

Jane Downs is a freelance writer. Jane has a degree in Arabic and has travelled extensively in the Middle East and North Africa. Her experiences led her to create the audio drama Battle Cries, exploring a woman’s perspective on the Arab Spring.

Valentine’s Day Radio Plays 2021

Valentine's day radio plays 2021

Valentine’s Day 2021. Whilst the seemingly never-ending pandemic cramps our romantic style in every horrendous way you can imagine, we can still listen to radio plays. Take that, covid!

Robert Valentine

Robert Valentine Writer of Red Moon, The Springheel Saga, and Dr Who audio dramas

Robert Valentine (Rob Valentine) is a writer, director, script editor and producer. He is known for his award winning writing on The Springheel Saga, Red Moon,

Oliver Cookson

Oliver Cookson Scriptwriter The Chief Wireless Theatre

Oliver (Ollie) Cookson wrote The Chief, produced by Wireless Theatre and starring Nigel Planer. The Chief is Ollie’s first publish work and can be heard free on the Wireless Theatre site.