Indie Audio Drama Revolution

Sarah Golding Audio Drama Force of Nature

Sarah Golding is a one woman powerhouse of indie audio drama. A prolific producer, writer and voice actor, Sarah describes her passion for indie audio drama and how she got started.

Wireless Theatre and Education

Wireless Theatre and Education

Wireless Theatre has a strong history of work with drama schools and performing arts colleges such as RADA and West Thames College. Listen to audio dramas performed by talented student casts.

How to Love Your Voice

Learn to love your voice with voice coachJessica Dennis

Jessica Dennis is not only an outstanding actress, but is also an accomplished accent and vocal coach. We interviewed Jess and asked her for her expert tips on loving our own voices.

New Kids Audiobook Knight Sir Louis

Knight Sir Louis Audible audio book directed by David Beck

Knight Sir Louis and the Dreadful Damsel is a hilarious new audiobook by the McLeod brothers, narrated by Myles McLeod, and directed by Wireless Theatre’s David Beck A highly entertaining family friendly listen, this just might buy you an hour or two of peace in the summer holidays! David Beck directed Myles McLeod reading the McLeod … Read more

Moby Dick Adaptation on Audible

Moby Dick Audible Original Full Cast Audio Drama Podcast from Wireless Theatre

We’re excited to announce that Moby Dick is available now on Audible, as a 15 part audio drama podcast. Adapted by Wireless Theatre listener favourite Marty Ross and directed by David Beck with sound design by Joe Richardson, Moby Dick stars David Morrissey as iconic Captain Ahab.

Dramatic Audio Plays

Dramatic Audio Plays

Dramatic audio plays covering a wide range of human experiences and emotions. Confrontation, faith, frailty, strength and despair feature across this collection.

How to Learn a New Accent

learn a new accent with Specialist Accent Coach Jan Haydn Rowles holding the Best Drama Emmy for Game of Thrones

Jan Haydn Rowles is one of the best accent coaches in the business, creator of The Accent Kit and accent coach to the stars. Jan has worked on many films and TV series including Game of Thrones, and The Alienist. We can confidently say that nobody is more qualified to share their tips on learning a new accent. Read on for Jan’s top tips.