The Inspired Minds of Long Cat Media

Mockery Manor from Long Cat Media

Lindsay Sharman and Laurence Owen are the brains behind the amazing Long Cat Media. You may know LCM through their brilliant work on Mockery Manor, The Ballad of Anne and Mary or the extremely spooky Ghosted. Read More>>

Halloween Live!

Audio Horror recorded live Halloween 2022

Are you looking for the best audio horror plays for Halloween 2022? our selection below were all recorded live, some on location, often with a terrified audience. Our collection of live audio horror includes original plays, Edgar Allen Poe adaptations, and more. Perfect for a dark and stormy night, in an old stone building, in an isolated location… Listen out for guest appearances from Rocky Horror Picture Show creator Richard O’Brien, and the only man to play Porthos, Richard IV, Prince Vultan and Grampy Rabbit, Brian Blessed.

Audio Sitcoms

Audio Sitcoms from Wireless Theatre

A comedy radio play is always good fun, but isn’t it satisfying to get to know the characters a little better? Fans of Cabin Pressure and Wooden Overcoats will love our collection of multipart audio sitcoms.

Brilliant Beth Eyre, Fabulous Voice Actor

Beth Eyre

Beth Eyre is a firm fan favourite for her wonderful Wireless performances in Windover, Drayton Trench and more. Bath is is perhaps most famous among audio comedy fans for starring as neurotic undertaker Antigone Funn in the superb series Wooden Overcoats.

Fabulous Sarah Whitehouse, Amazing Voice Actor

Sarah Whitehouse Amazing Actor

Sarah Whitehouse is a fabulous actor, star of stage, screen, and of course, audio. Sarah has voiced characters in a huge number of Wireless Theatre productions since 2011, from Wild Elusive Butterfly to Oliver, turning in fabulous performances every time. Read on for Sarah’s reflections on her voice acting career so far, and her advice for new voice actors.

Fascinating Audio Drama for Women’s History Month 2023

audio dramas for women's history month

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we have a varied selection of radio plays exploring different facets of women’s experiences. The life of the talented and independent Daphne Du Maurier is viewed through the house she loved, in Jo-Ann Challis’s Love for Menabilly. Jane Downs combines tribal poetry with the story of a woman in the Arab spring in Battle Cries. Red Gray’s The Unravelling Fantasia of Miss H tells the story of a music teacher locked in an asylum for over 40 years. Peace and War is based on the diaries of a WW1 nurse. Enjoy all of these fascinating plays and more here…

Wonderful Harry Myers, Brilliant Actor and Mentor

Harry Myers Actor

Harry Myers is a superb and versatile voice actor, who has lent his collection of voices to a great selection of audio drama, gaming and audio book performances. Harry has voiced characters in Audible/Wireless favourites Oliver Twist, Hell Cats, and The Three Musketeers. A veteran of stage and screen, Harry is focusing on voice acting at present, which is very fortunate for us lucky listeners. We quizzed Harry about his acting and teaching work, and picked up some tips.

Award Winning Science Fiction Radio Plays

Sci Fi and fantasy radio plays

Award winning sci-fi and fantasy audio series and radio plays for your listening pleasure. Try sci-fi comedies Space Ladz, Time Travel Inc and Galaxicabs, award-winning HG Wells-inspired Dead London or imaginative radio play 2010 Space Commander. For a more immersive experience get stuck into our award winning nine part Springheel saga, exploring the Victorian urban legend of Springheel’d Jack. A full cast epic with a fascinating sci-fi flavour. If alternative history is more your thing, have you heard our six part sci-fi thriller Red Moon? Can a former MI5 officer save the planet single handed? BBC Audio Drama Awards winner.