Moby Dick Adaptation on Audible

Moby Dick full cast audio drama podcast

Moby Dick Audible Original Podcast

We’re excited to announce that Moby Dick is available now on Audible, as a 15 part audio drama podcast. Adapted by Wireless Theatre listener favourite Marty Ross and directed by David Beck with sound design by Joe Richardson, Moby Dick stars David Morrissey as iconic Captain Ahab.

Audible members can enjoy all 15 episodes for free.

The acting by everyone was excellent and David Morrissy as Ahab was a revelation – he is utterly convincing throughout. 

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2 thoughts on “Moby Dick Adaptation on Audible”

  1. I listened to the whole adaptation. It is entertaining and well produced. It is also not faithful to Melville’s actual book. It’s a total re-write. But it is an audiobook about a Nantucket whaling voyage and they keep the names of the main characters the same


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