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Wireless Theatre are hugely grateful for all the support received from listeners over our first 15 years. We would love to create more Wireless Originals, from both new writers and fan favourites, and we hope you would love to listen to them. Back in our earliest days, all the talented writers, actors, directors, producers and crew came together to produce our films and audio dramas in their own time, without payment. More recently, we have adopted a policy that ‘nobody works for free’. Whilst no-one will be making their fortunes working for Wireless Theatre, not everyone can afford to give their time for free. We aim to be inclusive and increase representation from disadvantaged backgrounds, and a big part of this is making sure talented people from all backgrounds can afford to be involved.

How to Support Wireless Theatre

So! If you enjoy listening to new and original independent plays, produced to the highest quality, and want to help us make more become a patron at patreon, or

We have some very exciting projects we would like to fund! Here are just four of the audio dramas we hope to produce, selected from the truly incredible script and pitch submissions we’ve received for our 2022/2023 season. We would love to be able to pour the talent and imagination of Marty Ross, May Ngo and Richard Evans into your waiting ears (and ours, of course). Can you help us to do exactly that? Support us with a few of your hard earned pounds to help us turn these amazing ideas into tangible audio realities. Here is a sample of the submissions we hope to transform into high quality productions for your listening pleasure.

Lake Lipno by May Ngo

Lake Lipno by May Ngo

Lake Lipno features Jana and Jakub, a Czech couple visiting Lake Lipno in the Sumava mountains for New Year’s Eve. On arrival they are surprised to find they are the only guests at their hotel. Jana senses something is wrong. She comes to learn that her mother’s ghost has come back to haunt her. Steeped in the rich history of Vietnamese migrants to Communist Czechoslovakia, this fascinating multi part ghostly tale promises to chill and inform in equal measure. Can Jana confront her mother’s legacy once and for all before it destroys both her marriage and Jana herself? 

My Stag Brother by Marty Ross

My Stag Brother by Marty Ross

Kirsty has long since abandoned her Highland roots for big city life in London. But her past catches up with her in the form of wayward kid brother Donnie, who comes to her with a problem: he’s slowly but surely turning into a red deer stag, sprouting antlers. Hands and feet hardening into hooves, spiky red fur sprouting in all kinds of uncomfortable places. Kirsty (and her best friend Sophie, who is drawn to Donnie’s literal wildness) have to try and get Donnie back up to the Highlands of Scotland before the transformation is complete. Driving a man sprouting antlers up the M1 in a Mini Metro presents all kinds of difficulties, on top of which Kirsty must come to terms with the magic and wonder and terror of her past.

Ostlers Ford by Lamplight by Richard Evans

Ostler’s Ford by Lamplight by Richard Evans

Ostler’s Ford by Lamplight is a play for voices inspired by the radio version of ‘Under Milk Wood’ by Dylan Thomas. It features a magical, mystical visit to the fictional fenland town of Ostler’s Ford; its narrator, and the picaresque Master of Time observe and interact with the town’s quirky inhabitants over the course of an evening. As the listener is transported on a meandering journey through the streets, they encounter tales of heartbreak, despair, love, death and hope.

R M Renfield by Marty Ross

R.M. RENFIELD (has an ice cream) by Marty Ross

Ever wondered how the fly-eating Mr. Renfield found his way into the lunatic asylum in Bram Stoker’s Dracula? Marty Ross’ audio drama (based on his one man show) imagines the story behind Stoker’s story, the tale of a humble Yorkshire haberdasher at odds with his repressive Victorian family and seeking a break by the sea in Whitby. But there something seems to be calling to him from across the waves, enlisting him in a campaign of terror that will bloodily mark the way for the coming of an awesome demonic power. Dark character comedy shades over into raw psychological terror and tragedy in this chiller by the author of Wireless shockers like Night Of The Orchid, The Woman On The Bridge, Blood And Stone & Crooker’s Kingdom.

Wireless Theatre plans to make as many of these productions as we can raise the funds to produce, so if you would like to listen, you know what to do. Should any of the writers find success in funding these productions elsewhere before we do, we will use any funds raised into further Wireless Productions, and update our subscribers on how to hear these plays.

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