Spellbinding Sisters

Rosabella Gregory

Dina Soraya Gregory and Rosabella Gregory are the incredibly talented twin sisters behind our newest release, Bog Girl. Combining their writing and composing skills, Dina and Rosabella craft captivating audio stories for listeners of all ages. So of course, we asked them all about it.

Casting Audio Drama

Casting Audio Drama

Wireless casting directors have a wealth of experience in casting audio drama, from the smallest productions to huge multicast productions full of famous names.

Short audio stories

short audio stories for adults

When life gets busy, sometimes a short burst of top quality audio entertainment can be just the break you need. We have a great selection of 20, 30 and 45 minute audio stories and plays to keep you company.

Inspired by classics

Audio Drama Classic Adaptations

Audio drama adaptations of classic plays and books. Some characters and stories are quickly forgotten while others endure for generations. Our collection of classic audio dramas are adapted only from plays and stories that have passed the test of time. Some play it straight, others, like ‘a Tale Told by an Idiot’ take a freshly comic look at familiar stories. All of them feature fantastic acting and awesome sound quality. Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day Radio Plays 2022

Valentine's Day Audio Drama

Valentine’s Day 2022 is nearly here folks! Last year many of us were staying at home, missing loved ones or going stir crazy. This year, dating, nights out and romantic dinners are back on the table. Get into the mood for love with our collection of audio dramas and audio comedy.