Dramatic audio comedy

Dramatic audio comedy black audio comedy dark audio comedy

Dramatic audio comedy. Dark audio comedy plays featuring murders, dysfunctional families, terrible spouses and racist grannies. Offensive language and adult themes abound.

Gareth Brown, Lighting Designer

Gareth Brown Lighting Designer Wireless Theatre Ltd

Gareth Brown is the lighting designer for Wireless Theatre live recordings. Lighting might not be your first thought in audio drama, but it’s so nice when the audience can see the actors, we’re sure you’ll agree!

David Beck, Director, Producer

David Beck

David Beck is the director of the award winning Murder on the Orient Express, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Christmas Pig, and too many other Wireless Theatre productions to list

Political audio drama

Political Audio Drama

Amongst the Wireless Theatre collection are some fascinating insights into political situations across time and regimes, and some spot-on satirical take downs. Some funny, some poignant, all produced to the highest standard, here is our collection of political and satirical audio drama.

Robert Valentine, Writer, Director, Producer

Robert Valentine writer of Red Moon and The Springheel Saga

Robert Valentine is the award winning writer, director and producer of The Springheel Saga and Red Moon, and has written many fantastic scripts for audio dramas. We caught up with Robert to discover his proudest moments, writing advice, and pry into his current projects.

Halloween Live!

Best Audio Horror recorded live for halloween 2021

Are you looking for the best audio horror plays for Halloween 2021? our selection below were all recorded live, some on location, often with a terrified audience. Our collection of live audio horror includes original plays, Edgar Allen Poe adaptations, and more. Perfect for a dark and stormy night, in an old stone building, in an isolated location… Listen out for guest appearances from Rocky Horror Picture Show creator Richard O’Brien, and the only man to play Porthos, Richard IV, Prince Vultan and Grampy Rabbit, Brian Blessed.

Meet Fiona Thraille, Production Manager

Fiona Thraille Wireless Theatre Production Manager

Fiona Thraille has an impressive audio pedigree as a voice actor, audiobook narrator, writer, director, sound designer and producer. Luckily for us, we have managed to tempt Fiona to join us as Wireless Theatre’s new production manager! Hooray! To celebrate our epic good fortune, we caught up with Fiona to learn more about her love of audio drama.

Audio poetry and short stories

Audio poetry and short stories from Wireless Theatre

Our varied collection of short stories and poetry is perfect cosy listening. Whimsical stories read by Line of Duty’s Owen Teale, poems from spoken word performer Elektric, and classic short stories by Saki

Writing for Audio Drama

Richard Brooks talks to Wireless Theatre about his writing for audio drama

Richard Brooks is the talented writer between award winning audio drama ‘A Haunting Beyond the Lake’. Read his top tips for would-be scriptwriters.