Cormorant Wireless Originals Audio Drama
Wireless Theatre Comedy
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Cormorant. Unworldly John and injured sailor, McKinney wash up on an uninhabited island, the only survivors of a terrifying shipwreck. When the pair is finally rescued John isolates himself in an anonymous bed-sit owned by the grotesque Mrs Paskins. Haunted by the sounds of the island, he shies away from human contact communing only with the disturbing voices in his dreams. A strange, funny and touching story about finding friendship in the most unlikely places.

Cormorant dramatic audio comedy

Starring: Ben Murray Watson, Anthony Sargent, Mike Garnell, Catriona Ryan, Lisa Cassidy and Joanna Watt

Written By: Sarah Hutchings and Hil Cooke

Edited By: Lester Barry

Directed By: Catriona Ryan

Music By: Lester Barry

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