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Rat is a short radio play written by and starring Ann Theato. A dying rat appears outside a block of flats and becomes the focus of one woman’s thoughts. A snapshot into family life, and our mixed feelings of empathy and fear towards vermin.

We knew we needed to take a step forward in our media provision to engage and make the very best of the cutting edge techniques we were becoming aware of.

We set ourselves an enormous task:

  • Recording an entire audio play on location
  • Making a documentary film of us doing so
  • Filming, editing and releasing it all in just 48hrs

Starring: Ann Theato, Jacoaa Theato, Ashley McGuire

Written By: Ann Theato, Edited By: Erica Basnicki, Music By: Polly Haynes

Running Time: 17 Minutes

3 thoughts on “Rat”

    • Hi Nadin, thanks for taking the time to comment. Our kids section contains audio dramas for children of all ages, which don’t contain inappropriate themes or language. Some are suitable for very young children, others are suitable for older children, in the same way that many books and films for young people are not always appropriate for pre-schoolers. We would encourage parents and teachers to pre-listen, and judge for themselves and their children whether a drama is suitable. Many thanks for your comment.

  1. Hi

    What a good little drama. I too am thinking about it’s usefulness with kids (9-10). Schools always seem to sanitise/censor material for young kids, but then we wonder why they can’t recognise and interpret complex themes later on. A contradiction. MMM. Anyway loved the drama and will pas it on to teachers of slightly older groups.


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