Top 10 Audio Horror and Thrillers 2023

Top 10 Audio Horror and Thrillers 2023

Wireless Theatre has a top quality collection of radio plays for your listening enjoyment, but if you are looking for chills, try our most popular thrillers and horrors. Some were recorded live on location in cellars, and on the heath, all feature fantastic audio actors and great stories. If thrills and chills are a bit on the intense side for you, you might enjoy our most popular audio dramas.
If you’re more in the mood for a good laugh, don’t miss out on our top 10 audio comedy plays.

Our top 10 audio thrillers and horrors, ( including downloads and streams from our website and podcasts), in order of popularity with our lovely listeners are…

Our Top 10 Audio Horror and Thrillers

The Autopsy - Binaural Audio Drama from Wireless Theatre - Horror Audio Play

The Autopsy

A man under pressure. A heated argument. A fatal heart attack. But Jeff’s death was only the beginning. A binaural audio thriller best enjoyed through headphones for full 3d effect. “Absolutely terrifying” – John Rippon

The Passenger and The River - 3D Horror audiodrama - Wireless Theatre

The Passenger / The River

A couple pick up an apparently injured man in the New Forest, with sickening results. The River is a tale of bereavement, nightmares, and watery graves. Haunting tales in 3D sound.

Blood and Stone - 3D Audio Horror Based on the True Story of Mass Murderer Countess Bathory

Blood and Stone

Blood and Stone is a 3D binaural audio horror play, so listen using headphones for the full terrifying effect. Based on the true story of prolific mass murderer Countess Elizabeth Bathory, bricked up in her own Slovakian castle for over 600 murders. 3D binaural audio horror written by Marty Ross.

Dead London from Wireless Theatre

Dead London

Based on H.G. Wells’s classic tale of Martian invasion, DEAD LONDON sees humanity defeated by a superior military force from another world. Recorded on location at Horsell Common, Surrey, and featuring Brian Blessed as the Voice of the Martians, DEAD LONDON was the winning entry in the 2013 War of the Worlds 75th Anniversary Contest.

Skin audio thriller


Nominated for best Actress in a Radio Drama at the 2020 One Voice Conference. A few months ago, London-based Vivian Shorewood decided to take a stand, albeit a small one, against world injustice, and began her attempt to redress the balance. She selected one particularly offensive and repugnant individual, and after following a carefully executed plan she lured him into her trap, immobilised him, and brought him back to her cellar where she proceeded to… skin him. ‘Skin’ follows the first night of her fight.

The Cask of Amontillado - 3D Audio Horror - Edgar Allen Poe

The Cask of Amontillado

3D Audio Horror. Edgar Allan Poe’s masterpiece, recorded on location in ancient vaults as a binaural audio drama. Montresor lures Fortunato into the family vault…

Night of the Orchid - Audio Horror from Wireless Theatre written by Marty Ross

Night of the Orchid

A contemporary Gothic drama of desire and death, and of love and vengeance beyond the grave, set in the isolation of snowbound Scottish countryside. written by acclaimed playwright Marty Ross, starring Rebecca Hamilton, Lesley Stone, Valerie Gogan, Peter Hannah and Kevin Devine. Strong language and adult themes.

Windover - A Supernatural Radio Play - Ghost Story - North Devon - Wireless Originals Audio Drama


A haunting and memorable tale set on the wild Atlantic coast of North Devon. 19 year old Jenny is pleased to inherit her grandmother’s cottage, until visions of her family’s past threaten her future.

Angels in the Dark by Susan Casanove Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Angels in the Dark

Roger Benezoscee is like the worst boss you’ve ever had times ten. What could possibly force this obnoxious, egotistical old megalomaniac to change his ways? Nothing short of a Damascene conversion? On a trip to Bordeaux organised by his PA, Cath, Roger unexpectedly finds himself facing the biggest challenge of his life. But will it change him?
Innovative mystery audio drama starring Kim Durham (Matt Crawford in The Archers). Listen in the dark!

Audio Drama Ghost Story - The Woman on the Bridge - Marty Ross Wireless Originals

The Woman on the Bridge

Chatsworth House during the Second World War. The Devonshire family make way for an evacuated girls’ school, whose pupils discover ghost stories and a secret love affair… The Woman On The Bridge is an audio drama ghost story recorded in front of a live audience of over 150 people at The Palace Hotel as part of The Buxton Festival and was nominated for a Buxton Fringe Theatre Award.

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