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Audio Sitcoms


Audio Sitcoms

A comedy radio play is always good fun, but isn’t it satisfying to get to know the characters a little better? Fans of Cabin Pressure and Wooden Overcoats will love our collection of multipart audio sitcoms.

Lovers of comedy detectives are spoiled for choice. Firstly, Drayton Trench, diminutive detective, is on the case of a missing uncle. Based in a semi-converted phonebox, she will stop at nothing to find him. From the pen of David K Barnes, writer of Wooden Overcoats. Purdy and Chase is a laugh-a-minute four part comedy series featuring enthusiastic novice private eyes Pen Purdy and Daisy Chase. Mounted on grumpy lady cycle Margot, they fearlessly tackle the insurance fraudsters and nice hotels of small town Wexton. Mike and a small reluctant team investigate who is taking out the traffic wardens in Revolution, Murder and Traffic Wardens. Lance Manley, Library Detective, is busy solving library crimes, from his office high above the stacks.

Gino Ginelli, meanwhile, is very much dead, leaving his estranged sons to go back to the seaside town they grew up in and pick up the pieces of his business empire.
If ancient Rome in the style of Frankie Howerd is more your scene, Ray Galton and John Antrobus have a treat for you, in the form of ‘Not Tonight Caligula‘. The audio equivalent of a carry on film.

Comedy Audio Series from Wireless Theatre

Drayton Trench Episode One

Drayton Trench

Drayton Trench – GREAT CEASAR’S GHOST by David K. Barnes

Jason Davis is an ordinary man who’s just witnessed an extraordinary crime. Alone and afraid, and with only one pair of trousers, he needs the help of London’s very best detective…

Join us for episode one of our six-part comedy series from David K Barnes (writer of Wooden Overcoats)

purdy and chase episode one

Purdy and Chase

A 4 part sitcom from the extremely funny pen of Dawn Crumpler. Novice private investigators and best friends, Pen Purdy and Daisy Chase negotiate a heady mix of insurance fraud and mystery shopping in small town Wexton. Will they find their feet in their new venture, and lay some ghosts to rest along the way? Reviewers have recommended this very funny sitcom to fans of John Finnemore and Cabin Pressure.

Lance Manley Library Detective

Lance Manley Library Detective

Lance Manley Library Detective; not just your average gumshoe. With a million readers in the Naked City, Lance is the man who has to keep them in line. In a tiny alcove, high above the stacks of the International Falls Public Library, a frosted glass door stands waiting for trouble. The word SECURITY is spelled out in black lettering on the glass, but you get the idea that security is the last thing you’ll find beyond the threshold.

Gino Ginelli Is Dead Audio Drama Wireless Originals

Gino Ginelli is Dead

Gino Ginelli’s Dead. Charles and Ollie Ginelli haven’t seen their father for over twenty years, when out of the blue they discover he has passed away and they must go to their childhood home-town of Swanborough on sea to organise his funeral. What begins as an unfortunate family accident mounts into a disaster of unparalleled proportions for the two brothers as they encounter the strange, the incompetent and the the unusual during the ceremony and remember why they were so glad they left in the first place.

Revolution Murder and Traffic Wardens Part One

Revolution Murder and Traffic Wardens

Revolution is in the air and Mike is at the helm to overthrow the mighty traffic wardens. With a (slightly reluctant) team behind him, how can Mike lose? But someone else seems to have the traffic wardens in their sights and murder in mind. Can Mike, Alex, Rupert and Mr Halliday the local butcher find out who’s trying to sabotage their revolution/campaign?

Not Tonight Caligula Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Not Tonight Caligula

A laugh out loud adventure in the Roman court of Caligula. Madness and mischief ensues in a never before seen or heard production, written by National Treasures Ray Galton (Steptoe & Son, Hancock’s Half Hour) and John Antrobus (Comedy Playwright), originally written for Frankie Howerd.

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