Not Tonight Caligula – Part One

Not Tonight Caligula Wireless Originals Audio Drama
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Not Tonight Caligula - Part One
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Not Tonight Caligula. Classic radio comedy by Ray Galton & John Antrobus. A laugh out loud adventure in the Roman court of Caligula…

Madness and mischief ensues in a never before seen or heard production, written by National Treasures Ray Galton (Steptoe & Son, Hancock’s Half Hour) and John Antrobus (Comedy Playwright).

Not Tonight Caligula

Originally written for Frankie Howerd

By Ray Galton (Steptoe & Son) and John Antrobus (The Goon Show)

Directed by: John Antrobus

Starring: Jamie Cartwright, Oliver Ford, Stephen Hill, Clive Greenwood, Jonathan Hansler, Vicky Holmes, Claire Jeater, Paul McEwan, Fiz Marcus, Ashley McGuire

Written By: John Antrobus and Ray Galton, Live Music written and performed By: Francesco Quadraropolo, Live Sound Effects Performed By: Elliot Quinn, Editing and Sound Recording by: Matt Blair and Tshari King

Don’t forget PART 2.

“A Brilliant cast”

“Includes a big number, “Yo Yo Caligula!”, and a catchy sig tune I found myself humming as I walked towards Picadilly Circus”

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