14 Supernatural Radio Dramas to Make Your Spine Tingle

Audio drama with supernatural themes

Supernatural 1

Supernatural Radio Dramas

Supernatural radio plays. Ghosts, spirits, and mysterious forces feature in these standalone audio dramas. Some beautiful and poignant, some passionate and disturbing, all offer a top quality listening experience. All chiller, no filler.

Bog Girl Dina Soraya gregory and Rosabella Gregory, performed by Louisa Clein

Bog Girl

A boy with an incurable illness longs to experience peace and solitude on a final adventure. His wish is granted by an online ‘Genie’ who arranges his dream trip to a place no-one has ever been to before. Yet as Aldo wanders the deserted wetlands of Lithuania, he finds he is not alone after all.

Night of the Orchid - Audio Horror from Wireless Theatre written by Marty Ross

Night of the Orchid

Night of the Orchid is a contemporary Gothic drama of desire and death, and of love and vengeance beyond the grave, from acclaimed playwright Marty Ross. Madeleine Loughran has fled her wedding, seeking shelter with her beloved Great Aunt at her house in the snowbound Scottish countryside. In the house’s ruined glasshouse, the blossoming of a single living flower is the first sign of a passion that will strip bare the secret history of a house and its inhabitants.

Windover - A Supernatural Radio Play - Ghost Story - North Devon - Wireless Originals Audio Drama


An atmospheric ghost story set on the wild Atlantic coast of North Devon, told through the eyes of Jenny, a girl of nearly nineteen, whose recently deceased grandmother, Mary, has bequeathed her ‘Windover,’ the cottage where she is staying with her father and his girlfriend during the summer vacation.

Spook Squad Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Spook Squad

Spook Squad. A mismatched bunch of oddballs, geeks and a borderline-psychotic TV presenter venture to a haunted inn in Somerset to record the first ever episode of ‘Spook Squad’ – a ground breaking TV show investigating the supernatural and the bizarre.

Phonophobia Audio Drama from Wireless Theatre - Halloween Radio Drama


London, 1999. Geoff Verwood, a history student blighted by phonophobia, takes refuge from the London din in a quiet bookshop off Charing Cross Road. There, he makes a chance discovery – an old scrap of paper hidden in a dusty book. On that scrap is written a code, hiding a lost musical score… the last work of the evil Anton Valderberg Drache! With Halloween fast approaching, Geoff races to unlock the mystery, unaware of the terrible supernatural powers he is about to unleash. Who or what is desperate to hear the music played? What is the true nature of the dark forces that stalk Geoff’s every turn? And what connects all this to the most notorious chapter of the West End’s history?

Daphnis and Chloe

Daphnis and Chloe

Daphnis and Chloe by Longus is thought of as the first novel, written approximately 300 BC, it concerns the young love of Daphnis and Chloe. Both are abandoned as children, found by farmers and grow up to be shepherds. The novel is set against a breath-taking pastoral backdrop, with Daphnis and Chloe being at one with the nature, and as beautiful and unknowing as the land that surrounds them. Such is their innocence that although they long for each other’s company, neither know that the feeling they have towards one another is love. And as that feeling becomes stronger, other forces intercede to prevent their union: pirates, wealth, poverty and seducers plot to separate the potential lovers.

Crookers Kingdom Part One Wireless Original Audio Drama

Crooker’s Kingdom

Sir Richard Arkwright has brought modernity to a remote corner of Derbyshire with the creation of Cromford Mill. Now, as his crowning glory, he’s going to build himself a castle – but first a strange outcrop of rocks will have to be removed. Locals warn Arkwright of a local legend about ‘Crooker’, a dangerous nature spirit, but Sir Richard scoffs at such notions until it becomes clear an uncanny force in the landscape is prepared to fight him for ownership of the valley.  

Wild Elusive Butterfly Act One Wireless Originals Audio drama

Wild Elusive Butterfly

Cargo vessel Turmoil prepares to set sail for the Southern Ocean.  Shipowner Daisy Ballantyne and cargo owner Tom Devine negotiate terms and conceal desire.  Pregnant Jill and husband Jack explore the limits of marriage.  John and Peter enjoy contentment.  Primordial spirits feel undervalued.  And a tornado is approaching.

Arthur Smith's Trench Kiss Audio Drama Wireless Originals

Trench Kiss

Recorded live at The Pleasance King Dome theatre at The Edinburgh Festival 2014, Trench Kiss follows Jim and Sally on holiday in Flanders. While Jim is off looking at gravestones, Sally is suddenly confronted by Jasper, a soldier who by a quirk of fate has been flung forward in time from the Great War and 1916 to the present day.

A Friend in Me Audio Drama Wireless Originals

A Friend in Me

A Friend in me. 13 year old John meets a young girl and they quickly become friends.

Little do they know what a unique and life changing friendship it will turn into…

Angels in the Dark by Susan Casanove Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Angels in the Dark

Roger Benezoscee is like the worst boss you’ve ever had times ten. What could possibly force this obnoxious, egotistical old megalomaniac to change his ways? Nothing short of a Damascene conversion? On a trip to Bordeaux organised by his PA, Cath, Roger unexpectedly finds himself facing the biggest challenge of his life. But will it change him?

Dream On Audio Drama Wireless Originals

Dream On

Dream on. Robert is having a dream. Breakfast with his wife. His ex-wife. His dead ex-wife. The next night, there she is again, hauntingly familiar in the full personification of her monstrous personality. His current wife is unamused at his nocturnal flirtation with the dead past and as dreams and reality began to overlap, Robert begins a desperate hunt to find out why this is happening and if he is really losing his mind.

Medusa on the beach

Medusa on the Beach

A perfectly ordinary, past-its-best English seaside town. Except why has everyone there been turned to stone? Two seriously out-of-their-depth police officers uncover the strange tale of what happened when middle-aged and romantically disappointed hairdresser Marjorie Briggs found something in a polythene bag on the beach that didn’t belong there, something ancient and terrible – something with the power to seriously muck up the lives of Marjorie and all those she loves and hates, as surreal comedy shifts towards a very strange sort of Greek tragedy….

Audio Drama Ghost Story - The Woman on the Bridge - Marty Ross Wireless Originals

The Woman on the Bridge

Chatsworth House during the Second World War. The Devonshire family make way for an evacuated girls’ school, the grand interiors converted to dormitories and classrooms. Pupils Ceri and Gwyneth explore these new surroundings and their history, above and below stairs. But a ghost story about a screaming woman on the bridge in the grounds seems disturbingly true – and all the more disturbing for the parallels it presents with the secret love affair they discover their charismatic teacher Miss Cairns is involved in…

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