The Donkey Hotrod Story

The Donkey Hotrod Story
Wireless Theatre Comedy
The Donkey Hotrod Story
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The Donkey Hotrod Story – Musical Comedy Docu-spoof. This week on Pop Obituaries we take a look back at the electro-pop pioneers ‘Donkey Hotrod’. From their humble beginnings in a London pub/salad bar/fruit outlet, to their recent chart revival and eventual catastrophic end, Pop Obituaries examine the 35-year career of Don Key and Hot Rod. Come back with us and re-live all their greatest hits including, ‘I’m In Love With A Cyborg’, ‘It’s The 80’s’ and ‘Future Earth 2010AD’. Pop Obituaries, we keep the music alive even if the band isn’t!

The Donkey Hotrod Story by No Cause for a Llama

Starring : Andrew Irvine, Nick Von Schlippe, Phil Leamon and Gareth Davies

Written By: No Cause For A Llama, creators of Llamageddon, Stream and The Llamabury Tales.

Edited By: Andrew Irvine

Directed By: No Cause For A Llama

Music By: Andrew Irvine, with lyrics written by Andrew Irvine & Nick Von Schlippe

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