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Voice over for games actor and audio drama actor Richard Reed of the Wireless Theatre Company

Voice Over for Games

Richard Reed is an expert Wireless Theatre audio drama and gaming actor. We interviewed him to ask which he prefers, and why.
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Dramatic audio comedy black audio comedy dark audio comedy

Dramatic audio comedy

Dramatic audio comedy. Dark audio comedy plays featuring murders, dysfunctional families, terrible spouses and racist grannies. Offensive language and adult themes abound.
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Gareth Brown Lighting Designer Wireless Theatre Ltd

Gareth Brown, Lighting Designer

Gareth Brown is the lighting designer for Wireless Theatre live recordings. Lighting might not be your first thought in audio drama, but it’s so nice when the audience can see the actors,…
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David Beck

David Beck, Director, Producer

David Beck is the director of the award winning Murder on the Orient Express, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Christmas Pig, and too many other Wireless Theatre productions to list
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