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Natasha Johnston Production Manager Wireless Theatre Ltd

Natasha Johnston, Production Manager

A huge welcome to the awesome Natasha Johnston, Wireless Theatre Ltd’s new production manager. Natasha learned her craft at Exeter university, and comes to us from Rusty Quill Productions.
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Christmas audio drama, horror and comedy from Wireless Theatre Ltd

Christmas audio dramas for 2022

Looking for Christmas radio plays to keep you company whilst you wrap presents, write cards, peel sprouts, or browse online for gifts? Look no further! Wireless Theatre have enough Christmas radio drama…
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Teresa Milewski Wireless Theatre Ltd Audio production assistant

Teresa Milewski, Production Assistant

Teresa Milewski is a firm favourite at Wireless Theatre Ltd, and has been a dedicated and highly organised runner and production/broadcast assistant on many of our most popular Audible Originals
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Audio Dramas of war and revolutions

War and Revolution

Moving audio plays examining the human impact of wars and revolutions. Black Spartacus tells the tale of Toussaint L’Ouverture and the 1791 Haitian revolution. Different perspectives on WW1 are presented in three…
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Ceyda Uzun production assistant and radio presenter

Ceyda Uzun, Production Assistant

Ceyda Uzun is a fresh new freelance face on the Wireless team. As a production and casting assistant, Ceyda is learning huge amounts about audio production, when she’s not busy winning awards…
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Jo-Ann Challis writer of audio play Love for Menabilly

Jo-Ann Challis, Writer

Jo-Ann Challis is a hugely talented newcomer on the audio drama scene. Writer, director and producer of our latest guest production Love for Menabilly, The Last Nuns, and other upcoming audio plays,…
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