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Biographical Audio Plays

Biographical Audio Plays

Biographical audio plays, inspired by real lives. Explore Daphne Du Maurier’s relationship with her home, Stephen King’s marriage, Toussaint L’Ouverture’s Haitian revolution and more.
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Zalie Burrow writer of Open Air, Angel and Devon Girl

Zalie Burrow, Writer and Actor

Zalie Burrow is not only a triple threat musical theatre professional but also an accomplished playwright. Writer of Devon Girl, Angel and Open Air for Wireless Theatre.
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Relaxing audio drama for holidays and bedtime

Relaxing Audio Drama

Relaxing cosy audio drama for holidays or drifting off to sleep. Wireless Theatre’s chill out collection of bedtime audio drama.
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Audio Drama on Mental health. Mental Health issues explored in audio drama.

Mental Health Audio Drama

Mental health difficulties will be experienced by the majority of people at some point in life. This collection of audio dramas explore themes in mental health. Touching on bereavement induced delusion, historic…
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Red Gray, artistic direcxtor of stitched up theatre, writer of the unravelling fantasia of miss H

Red Gray, Writer, Actor, Musician

Red Gray is the multi talented creative power behind the stitched up theatre company, producers of the spectacular experimental opera/theatre ‘The Unravelling Fantasia of Miss H’. The production combines Red’s skills as…
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Immersive binaural audio drama

Binaural audio drama

Looking for a fully immersive audio experience? Try our 3D binaural audio dramas, but be prepared for some haunting experiences.
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