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Indie Audio Drama with Fred Greenhalgh

Indie Audio Drama Stateside

Fred Greenhalgh has been creating top quality audio drama for as long as we at Wireless Theatre have, so we loved catching up with Fred to see how things are going, stateside.
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Francesco Quadraruopolo taken byMichael Crisan

Composing music for audio drama

Francesco Quadraruopolo is the musical genius behind many of Wireless Theatre’s best loved productions. He created the epic soundtrack for The Springheel Saga, among many other award winning audio dramas. Francesco’s music…
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Audio Comedy Sketch Shows from Wireless Theatre

Audio Sketch Shows

It’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival comedy season, but we’re not there this year. Boo! If you’re missing it too, here are some audio comedy sketch shows to cheer us all up. If you…
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Sarah Golding Audio Drama Force of Nature

Indie Audio Drama Revolution

Sarah Golding is a one woman powerhouse of indie audio drama. A prolific producer, writer and voice actor, Sarah describes her passion for indie audio drama and how she got started.
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Audio Drama for Kids

Audio Drama for Kids

Wireless Theatre Kids audio dramas have radio plays for all ages. Fairy tales for kids, creepy gothic tales, true stories and original plays.
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