A Very Grimm Christmas – The Piper And Musicians of Bremen

A Very Grimm Christmas
A Very Grimm Christmas
A Very Grimm Christmas - The Piper And Musicians of Bremen
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Recorded LIVE at The Roundhouse in Camden in collaboration with Roundhouse Radio, The Piper and Musicians of Bremen is one of six productions recorded over three nights this December and is a dark adaptation by Stuart Price, with music and lyrics by Michael Bruce. not for the faint of heart; some audience members passed out during the gruesome live performance.

Grimm Fairy Tales with a dark twist – A Very Grimm Christmas

Starring: Paul Anthoney, Jessica Dennis, Neil Frost, David Beck, Samantha Schefele, Siri Steinmo, Monika Pomeroy, Emily Wilden, Nadia Nadif, Ben Whitehead, Richard Michael Morse, Claire Sundin, Chris Rogers

This production kicked up quite a storm with the audience and was featured on page 5 of The Evening Standard

The Piper And Musicians of Bremen

Written By : Stuart Price

Edited By: Tshari King

Directed By: Stuart Price

Music By: Michael Bruce

Live Credits: Directed by Stuart Price 

Produced by Alexander Mee and Mariele Runacre Temple 

Head of Sound Tshari King 

Sound Recording by Matt Blair and Malcolm Thorp 

Editing by Tshari King 

Lighting Design by Gareth Brown 

Original Music by Michael Bruce

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