Teresa Milewski, Production Assistant

Teresa Milewski is a firm favourite at Wireless Theatre Ltd, and has been a dedicated and highly organised runner and production/broadcast assistant on many of our most popular Audible Originals, and Wireless Original production Peace and War.

“we’re all in it together”

Teresa Milewski
Teresa Milewski

How did you first get involved in audio drama and Wireless Theatre?

The first time I was involved in an audio drama was on Wireless Theatre’s collaboration with Audible, ‘The Jungle Book’. It was luck really. I just happened to see a post on Mandy.com one weekend, looking for a runner for the coming Monday. Very last minute. I didn’t have any real runner experience but I had recently finished studying Audio Production at SAE college and I was looking for anything audio related. I didn’t know it would be at Audible Studios when I applied or about the amazing cast & crew that were involved. It was such a great experience. I got to sit in on some of the recording and got my first runner credit on an audio drama!

Jungle Book Audible Cover

You seem very busy developing your narrating and production talents, and I hear you are extremely well organised and professional in the studio. Which of your roles do you most enjoy?

I really love being in the studio, seeing the actors record their lines. Even though it’s voice acting, the actors still use their face and body to give an authentic performance, almost like on stage or on screen. It’s such an immersive experience and I’ve learned so much by watching the actors, directors and engineers doing their jobs. You really appreciate how much goes into making an audio drama and that’s just the production side. 

” You really appreciate how much goes into making an audio drama”

Teresa Milewski

What has been your greatest professional challenge to date, and how did you overcome it?

I wouldn’t say my job is particularly challenging. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a really lovely cast and crew. For me, I’ve found that asking questions if I’m not sure of something has been the best way to solve any potential issues instead of trying to deal with it myself or guess. I remind myself that we’re all in it together, we’re a team!

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to gain experience in audio drama production?

Hmmm, that’s a hard one because some times it feels like a bit of luck / right place, right time sort of thing. I think… creating an environment where opportunities become available to you. Whether that means taking courses, meeting up with other audio enthusiasts, applying for work or work experience / internships, learning through books or online, or working on your own personal projects. What ever you do… surrounding yourself with people that are just as passionate about audio as you are can keep you motivated and inspired.

“surrounding yourself with people that are just as passionate about audio as you are can keep you motivated”

Teresa Milewski

Where do you hope your career will take you, with the amazing skills you’re developing?

I’m still trying to figure out where I’m heading career wise. There’s so many interesting avenues to explore and right now I’m just enjoying meeting extremely talented and creative people and learning as much as I can about audio. (ed: Teresa has worked on upcoming Sam Mendes produced Audible Original Oliver Twist, The Hound of the Baskervilles starring Stephen Fry, Hell Cats 2 and many more Wireless Theatre Ltd productions for Audible).


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