War and Revolution

Audio dramas on war and rebellions


Audio Dramas inspired by wars and uprisings

Moving audio plays examining the human impact of wars and revolutions. Black Spartacus tells the tale of Toussaint L’Ouverture and the 1791 Haitian revolution. Different perspectives on WW1 are presented in three audio dramas. Peace and War is based on the diary of Evelyn, a plucky young nurse, played by Beth Eyre. Subterranean Sepoys explores the experience of an Indian soldier in the French trenches of winter 1914. Dulce Et Decorum Est is a series of letters from front line soldiers. Deception is based in 1936, as fascism rises in Europe. Battle Cries and Elegy tell the stories of refugees fleeing unrest and war in the Middle East.

Audio plays on the themes of war and revolution

Deception Audio Drama from Wireless Originals


1936. The rising danger of fascism is setting Europe ablaze. In England the policy is to keep the peace at all costs. But not everyone believes this is either wise or safe. One such man, Clair, returns home to the midlands with a dark and terrible secret; a secret he cannot keep quiet for long; a secret that becomes a growing danger to himself, his family, and the country he loves. 

A coming of age drama full of intrigue, power, passion, and deception.

Subterranean Sepoys

Subterranean Sepoys

Subterranean Sepoys. Winter 1914: Stalemate on the Western Front. In the blasted trenches of France, an Indian soldier betrays his own race out of loyalty to his British colonial masters. Written by Avin Shah

Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori

Dulce Et Decorum Est

Dulce Et Decorum Est. A touching glimpse into the experiences of the soldiers of the first world war. This series of letters from the front powerfully evokes the horrors and emotions of the men who fought and died on the battlefield, focusing on Wilfred Owen’s eternal question, is dying for your country an honour or a curse?

Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori

Peace and War Audio Drama from Wireless Theatre

Peace and War

Peace and war is a factual drama based on the diary of a WW1 nurse. Inspired by the author reading her mother-in-law’s diaries of her times in Germany in the early 1900’s and as a nurse in France during World War 1.  ‘Evelyn’ was a remarkable woman who lived through a fascinating time of change in the lives of women during both peace and wartime experiencing a freedom that is surprising even today.

Battle Cries Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Battle Cries

Arab Spring Audio Drama

Following a revolutionary uprising in her country, “Battle Cries” tells the story of Amina, who flees the chaos of her home town, leaving her mother and brother behind in the increasingly volatile city. The two women’s accounts of their different experiences are interspersed with extracts from the Mu’allaqat of Antara – a poem embroidered on a cloth of gold and publicly displayed in Mecca in the 7th century. 

black spartacus episode one 300 115950

Black Spartacus

It is 1791 and strange rumours of liberty and the equality of all men have begun to reach the ears of the slaves toiling on the land courtesy of the bloody revolution convulsing the colonial motherland of France. Is it possible that the principles of liberty, brotherhood and equality could apply to a nation of brutalised black slaves? The white masters think not, but one man, Toussaint L’Ouverture, an ex-slave himself, has other ideas.



Based on interviews with gay Iraqi refugees, ‘Elegy’ is a moving and impassioned cri de coeur exposing the horrific realities of post-liberation Iraq and the UK asylum process. A young man pieces together a personal story; his is a flight from tragedy through a no-man’s land of empty train stations, border crossings and bomb-blasted towns.

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