Christmas audio dramas for 2022

Christmas Audio Drama from Wireless Theatre


Looking for Christmas radio plays to keep you company whilst you wrap presents, write cards, peel sprouts, or browse online for gifts? Look no further! Wireless Theatre have enough Christmas radio drama to get you into the spirit for each of the twelve days of Christmas. We have not one, but two versions of the ultimate Christmas classic ‘A Christmas Carol’. We have modern radio plays ‘I’m Waiting for Father Christmas‘ and ‘I Heart Amy‘. If you like your Christmas full of horror we have 6 grimmer than Grimm fairy tales from our ‘A Very Grimm Christmas‘ series. So scary, audience members fainted. To top it all, we have alternative pantomime Pig In Boots – an adult panto written by Rocky Horror’s very own Richard O’Brien! If even that isn’t enough, try our Audible productions, including Sam Mendes Executive produced Oliver Twist, and child friendly listen The Ice Children, both brand new for 2022! So, crack open the egg nog, slip on those headphones, and get ready for Christmas.

Christmas Audio Drama

I Heart Amy Audio Drama Wireless Originals

I Heart Amy

Young widow Amy is moving forward with her life. She has arranged to meet up with Joe, an old ‘friend’ in the hope of reigniting their old spark. Will love blossom at the Christmas market. or will Amy decide to leave the past in the past?

I'm Waiting for Father Christmas Wireless Originals

I’m Waiting for Father Christmas

Christmas Audio Drama. It’s Christmas Eve, and Ellen has finished all the family Christmas preparations. So why is she on the roof? written and performed by Fiz Marcus.

Christmas Audiobook Classics

A Christmas Carol Audiobook from Wireless Theatre

A Christmas Carol – Abridged AudioBook

A Christmas Carol audiobook. An adaptation of Charles Dickens’ most famous novella, A Christmas Carol, read by Jenny Runacre. The ultimate Christmas classic, free to stream or download from Wireless Theatre.

Christmas Audio Horror

The Piper and Musicians of Bremmen Audio Drama from Wireless Theatre

A Very Grimm Christmas – The Piper And Musicians of Bremen

A horror adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Part of A Very Grimm Christmas performed and recorded in front of a live audience. Not intended for children.

A Very Grimm Christmas - The Brave Little Tailor

A Very Grimm Christmas – The Brave Little Tailor

Horror. A dark adaptation of the Brother’s Grimm tale, not intended for children. part of ‘A Very Grimm Christmas’ recorded live at The Roundhouse Camden. Putting the grim in Brothers Grimm.

The Fearless Youth Audio Drama from Wireless Theatre. Brothers Grimm Horror

A Very Grimm Christmas – The Fearless Youth

Horror. A dark adaptation of the Brother’s Grimm tale. performed live as part of A Very Grimm Christmas. Not for the faint of heart, some of the audience fainted. Not for children.

The Maiden Without Hands

A Very Grimm Christmas – The Maiden Without Hands

Horror. A dark adaptation of the Brother’s Grimm tale. Not aimed at children. several audience members fainted during the recording during a gruesome description of mutilation.

Hansel and Gretel - A Very Grimm Christmas - Wireless Theatre

A Very Grimm Christmas – Hansel and Gretel

Fairytale audio horror. A dark adaptation of the Brothers Grimm tale. Recorded live as part of A Very Grimm Christmas at the Camden roundhouse in front of an unnerved audience.

The Robber Bridegroom Audio Drama from Wireless Theatre

A Very Grimm Christmas – The Robber Bridegroom

Audio Horror. A dark adaptation of the Brother’s Grimm tale. Not intended for children. Part of A Very Grimm Christmas, performed and recorded live. Strong stomach required.

Christmas Audio Comedy

Pig in Boots Audio Pantomime Wireless Originals

Pig in Boots – Alternative Pantomime by Richard O’Brien

Comedy. Pig In Boots is a quirky, non-formulaic audio pantomime written by Richard O’Brien. Alternative pantomime from the creator of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Mince Pie Murder

Mince Pie Murder – A Christmas Audio Comedy

Christmas themed comedy. The Grobbenthwaites aren’t bothered when wealthy aunt Myrtle gets bymped off with a poisoned mince pie. Things soon get out of hand when Aunt Myrtle returns as a ghost to solve her own murder case.

Wireless Christmas Productions on Audible

Oliver Twist Audible Original directed by David Beck Executive Produced by Sam Mendes all star cast

Oliver Twist

Directed by David Beck, with Oscar winner Sam Mendes as executive producer, our production of Oliver Twist for Audible revisits the Dickens classic, with a dark new script by Marty Ross. A huge cast featuring well known voices from TV and film, including Nicola Coughlin, Brian Cox, Daniel Kaluuya and Emilio Villa-Muhammad alongside Wireless favourites such as Josephine Ardern, Ben Whitehead, Rachel Atkins, Richard Reed and Saffron Coombs. Original score by The Feeling’s Dan Gillespie Sells.
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The Ice Children Audible Original produced by Wireless Theatre

The Ice Children

At the stroke of midnight on the dawn of December, five-year-old Finn Albedo is found frozen in the city park on a pedestal of ice. The doctor says his heart is beating, but no one can wake him. Casting by Wireless Theatre.

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The Christmas Pig J K Rowling

The Christmas Pig

JK Rowling’s heart-warming adventure tale about a child called Jack, and the lengths he will go to for his most treasured toy, Dur Pig. Performed by a full cast, directed by David Beck.

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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens’ classic Christmas tale as an audio play by R.D. Carstairs. Full cast including Sir Derek Jacobi, Kenneth Cranham, Miriam Margolyes, Jenna Coleman, Brendan Coyle, and Roger Allam. Directed by Cherry Cookson.

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