Biographical Audio Plays

Audio drama inspired by real lives

Biographical Audio Plays

Audio plays telling real life stories

Biographical audio plays, inspired by real lives. Explore Daphne Du Maurier’s intense relationship with her home, Stephen and Tabitha King’s marriage, Toussaint L’Ouverture’s Haitian revolution and more.

Love for Menabilly audio play about Daphne du Maurier

Love For Menabilly

Love for Menabilly is an original audio play written by Jo-Ann Challis, exploring the obsessive relationship Daphne Du Maurier had with Menabilly, the house she loved.
Menabilly is a house with a past, but seemingly no future. Hidden away from prying eyes on a Cornish peninsula, Mena’s been abandoned by its owners and left to rot. It’s hurting and lonely, and embarrassed by its shabby appearance.

Carried Wireless Original Audio Drama


As of 2014 Stephen King’s statistics included 66 years. 35,000,000 Words. 180 film and TV adaptations and 79 novels. this is a drama in one act that tells the story of Stephen King and Tabitha King. One unstoppable writer. One inspirational wife. Part of the ‘Couples Who Changed the World’ series performed live at the Edinburgh Festival.

Black Spartacus Episode One

Black Spartacus

Black Spartacus from Thee Black Swan tells the story of Toussaint L’Ouverture, the most prominent leader of the Haitian Revolution. In episode one of four, not everything is as it is appears on the seemingly tranquil Breda Plantation in the French Caribbean colony of St. Domingue (Haiti).

A Gentleman of my Own Making

A Gentleman of My Own Making

A Gentleman of My Own Making is based on the true story of Michael Dillon, born Laura Dillon, who gave herself over to the first gender reassignment surgery, becoming Michael, and changing the world. An inspirational story from the ‘couples Who Changed the World’ season performed and recorded live at the Edinburgh Festival.

His Most Obedient Servant LGBT+ Audio Drama Wireless Theatre

His Most Obedient Servant

Set in late-Victorian England, this drama explores the tragic effects of Victorian attitudes to homosexuality, and how it affected politicians and artists. These including Oscar Wilde, his lover Bosie and Bosie’s brother Francis, personal secretary and rumoured lover to Lord Rosebery and son of the Marquis of Queensberry.

Jacker and Baker Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Jacker and Baker

Two students, Arnold Nugent Strode Strode-Jackson and Philip John Noel-Baker, became lifelong friends when they were unexpectedly chosen to represent Britain at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics. One became a war hero, awarded the DSO and three Bars and becoming the youngest Brigadier-General in the British Army. The other created the Friends Ambulance Unit, served in WW1 and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Purple Moon Federico Garcia Lorca

Purple Moon

The intense and shocking life of perhaps Spain’s greatest modern poet, Federico Garcia Lorca, assassinated by General Franco’s facist regime. With music from world renowned guitarist Esteban Antonio, based on research by Ian Gibson. Written by Avi Nassa.

Peace and War Audio Drama from Wireless Theatre

Peace and War

Peace and War explores the extraordinary life of Evelyn, who at the start of WW1 went to France to nurse injured soldiers at the Front. Based on the diaries of the author’s mother-in-law, Peace and War gives unique insight into the life of a WW1 Nurse.

Redder than Roses Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Redder Than Roses

Redder than Roses is an intense intimate drama based on the lives of Mary Queen of Scots and the French poet Chastelard. No British monarch was more glamorous than Mary Queen of Scots. No one was more spellbound by her than the Pierre de Boscol de Chastelard. But as he yearns for an intimacy impossible given Mary’s position – especially under the watchful eye of the puritanical Earl of Moray – Chastelard is driven to ever more desperate measures.

The Man With The Golden Typewriter

Julian Rhind-Tutt reads the letters of Bond author Ian Fleming.
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the golden typewriter

In Their Own Words

A fascinating selection of historic letters from the national archives featuring Karl Marx, Jack the Ripper, Idi Amin and Nelson Mandela. Read by narrators including Arthur Smith and Miriam Margolyes.
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In Their Own Words - Letters from History- National Archives

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