Mental Health Audio Drama

Mental Health explored in audio drama

Audio Drama on Mental health. Mental Health issues explored in audio drama.

Mental Health themes in audio drama

Mental health difficulties will be experienced by the majority of people at some point in life. This collection of audio dramas explore themes in mental health. Touching on bereavement induced delusion, historic incarceration, the mental health impact of illness; suffering for the affected person and for others around them. These creative works take inspiration from real and imagined events where a person’s mind, and society around them, let them down.

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The Unravelling Fantasia of Miss H

The Unravelling Fantasia of Miss H is a fusion of theatre, opera and in the stage performance, dance, telling the story of music mistress Mary, incarcerated in an asylum for 41 years. Samplers stitched by Mary, on display in the Wakefield Mental Health Museum, inspired writer and composer Red Gray to tell her powerful and tragic tale.

Joe Walsh and the Weight of Despair Kane O' Brien

Joe Walsh and the Weight of Despair

A radio drama in which a man is being investigated in relation to the death of a woman. Using 3D Binaural audio, the listener is placed inside the mans mind, hearing what he hears and feeling what he feels as he drifts from reality, delusion, truth and lies. This drama contains disturbing themes and sound effects. Not suitable for young listeners.

Angel Wireless Original Audio Drama


Claire Skinner (Outnumbered) has finally achieved her dream of having a baby, in her forties. Neglecting her husband (Jamie Glover – Waterloo Road) and devoted to her baby, Angel, she discovers he is living up to his name and is literally growing wings… From writer Zalie Burrow.

The Chicken salad of a troubled mind Wireless Originals Auddio Drama by Helen Monks

Chicken Salad of a Troubled Mind

The winning script of our Young Writer’s Competition, The Chicken Salad of a Troubled Mind is set in the deep and murky subconscious of a troubled mind. We follow the footsteps of Sarah as she attempts to lunch with her mum, and bond with her sister, without her innermost thoughts brimming over the edge. The winning script of our young writer’s competition, by Birmingham’s first Young Poet Laureate Helen Monks (Upstart Crow, Raised by Wolves, The Archers).

Delete Audio Drama Nina Millns


Sue is dating. Mostly men with beards. Sue is Tanya’s parole officer. Tanya needs to stay clean. Tanya needs to serve her community sentence by teaching Patricia how to use the internet. Online harm may come to any one of them. Audio Drama with strong language exploring the themes of women and the internet, and intergenerational friendship. Written by Nina Millns, starring Saffron Coomber, Illona Linthwaite and Balvinder Sopal

Painted Blind audio comedy Wireless Originals

Painted Blind

Few things are as invigorating as a gin and tonic with ice and a slice, don’t you agree? Mind you, I’ve never been to Lourdes or white water rafting. That Strongbow was a mistake though. A definite mistake. These hot tears tumble from eyes who see all and yet see not, wings spread, I soar through the memory, our joining, our lot. An alternative Valentine’s Day story from Adam Elms.

The End of Gray's Malaise

The End of Gray’s Malaise

It’s been ten million, two hundred and forty eight thousand, four hundred and eighty seven minutes and nineteen seconds since Webster Gray left the walls of his rented flat. However this morning something different is happening. Though Webster Gray remains not only perfectly content but adamantly resolute he will never again venture into the outside world, his own body has other ideas and makes a powerful break for freedom.

Running to Stand Still

Running to Stand Still

An original audio play (with songs), featuring Jilly Breeze and Dawn Stanley, with cameos from BBC Radio presenters, that deals with the illness M.E. Written by a sufferer it specifically addresses what happens to relationships around an individual who is stricken by the illness. For those that have experienced the illness (first or second hand), it’s a story you can empathise with. For those who haven’t, it’s a story you can sympathise with.

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