Ladies starring Alison steadman and Rachel Atkins
Wireless Theatre Comedy
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Ladies was inspired by the very real and very fraught campaign at the turn of the 20th Century to build a ladies’ loo just outside Camden Town tube. Restricted toilet facilities for women were causing social, political and economic problems at the time, to address the issue a proposal to build a women’s public convenience on Park St was made to the St Pancras Vestry council, and greeted with unsurprising but enthusiastic horror. The story behind this radio play is very real, though these characters have been created purely for your titillation. Starring Alison Steadman.

Ladies starring Alison Steadman and Rachel Atkins

LADIES was recorded live at The Lion & Unicorn Theatre on 19th December 2016.

Alison Steadman and Rachel Atkins star in audio comedy Ladies from Wireless Theatre
The Cast of Ladies

Starring: Alison Steadman as Ines, Jessica Dennis as Eloise, Sarah Whitehouse as Tilda, Geoffrey Whitehead as Councillor Smith, Stephen Critchlow as The Pie Shop Man and Hobart, David Timson as Edward, Rachel Atkins as Lottie and Adam Hall as Officer Wilkins, Paperboy and Morgue Attendant

“well written and acted, delightfully funny production.”



Laura HarveyWriter

Cherry Cookson, Director

Mariele Runacre-Temple, Producer

Tshari KingLive sound and post-production

Isabel NewburySound

Jessica BowlesLive Sound Effects

Gareth BrownLighting & Technical Support

Photos of recording by Mike Garnell can be found HERE.

Alison Steadman is great, although she’s not the most funny character and some of the supporting actors outshine her. As always Geoffrey ‘comedy genius’ Whitehead is wunnerful


Enjoyed this very much. Lots of laugh out loud moments and Alison Steadman is hilarious as always, what a brilliant comedy actress she is. Wish I’d been able to come and see it recorded, perhaps one day!


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