A Very Grimm Christmas – The Maiden Without Hands

The Maiden Without Hands
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A Very Grimm Christmas - The Maiden Without Hands
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Very large cast of a Very Grimm Christmas
Very large cast

Horror. Recorded LIVE at The Roundhouse in Camden in collaboration with Roundhouse Radio, The Maiden Without Hands is one of six productions recorded over three nights in December and is a dark adaptation of the Brother’s Grimm tale by Ann Theato. Not for the faint hearted; several audience members fainted during a gruesome description of mutilation. Not for kids.

The Maiden Without Hands – Part of A Very Grimm Christmas

Brothers Grimm podcast – horror

This production kicked up quite a storm with the audience and was featured on page 5 of The Evening Standard.

Photos of the live recording are available in our gallery.

Starring: Ceri Gifford, Arielle Free, Adam Hall, Ashley McGuire, Gordon Kennedy and Greg Page

Written By: Ann Theato, Edited By : Matt Blair, Directed By: Ann Theato, Music By: Francesco Quadraruopolo

Live Credits: Directed by Ann Theato
Produced by Alexander Mee and Mariele Runacre Temple
Head of Sound Tshari King
Sound Recording by Matt Blair and Malcolm Thorp
Editing by Matt Blair
Lighting Design by Gareth Brown
Original Music by Francesco Quadraruopolo
Live SFX performed by Freddie Stabb

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