SHJ – S1E3 – The Strange Case of Springheel’d Jack -The Face of the Fiend

Springheel'd Jack Season 1 Episode 3 The Face of the Fiend
Wireless Theatre Ltd Audio Drama
SHJ - S1E3 - The Strange Case of Springheel'd Jack -The Face of the Fiend
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As the forces of darkness threaten to frame an innocent man for the monstrous attacks, Smith and Charlotte must escape the villainous Lord Wayland and solve the mystery of Springheel Jack – or die in the attempt!


Starring : Christopher Finney, Matthew Jure, Jessica Dennis, Lizzie Goodall, Jack Bowman, Ben Whitehead, Ceri Gifford, Colin Holt, Jamie Cartwright, Debbie Leigh-Simmons, Jonathan Hansler, Mariele Runacre Temple, Trevor Cuthbertson, Andrew Macbean, Charlie Adams

Directed By: Robert Valentine, Edited By: Andrew Swann, Original artwork By: Jamie Egerton

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