Our Wireless Originals

Wireless Theatre Ltd have been creating Original Audio Drama and podcasts since 2007, and have a full library of movies for your ears. Listen to our huge collection of Wireless Original productions below.

Lie Detector audio drama from Wireless Theatre

Lie Detector

A suspect is questioned by a secret service agent using sophisticated polygraph equipment with surprising…
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Laying Ghosts Audio Drama from Wireless Theatre

Laying Ghosts

When Connie’s beloved husband Jack dies after 27 years of marriage, Connie hopes that her…
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Ladies starring Alison steadman and Rachel Atkins


Comedy. Ladies was inspired by the very real and very fraught campaign at the turn…
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Jacker and Baker Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Jacker and Baker

Two students, Arnold Nugent Strode Strode-Jackson and Philip John Noel-Baker, became lifelong friends when they…
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