Historic audio drama

Audio Drama Based on Historic Events

Historic Audio drama

Historic Audio Drama

Historic audio drama. Queens, heroes, revolutionaries, poets and pirates. Whether you’re a full on history buff, or just enjoy a good story, our collection of audio dramatisations of historic events will keep you informed and entertained for hours. Understand Oscar Wilde’s experience of prison in the ballad of C3.3, Learn more about the Haitian revolutionary Toussaint L’Ouverture in four part drama Black Spartacus, and experience Chastelard’s obsession with Mary Queen of Scots in Redder Than Roses.


Carina Rodney’s swashbuckling tale of real-life pirates Mary Read and Anne Bonny. This fantastic podcast explores the love affair between the two, and their adventurous lives. Directed by Kate Saxon.

LGBT+ History Month audio drama Hellcats Wireless Theatre

In Their Own Words

A fascinating selection of historic letters from the national archives featuring Karl Marx, Jack the Ripper, Idi Amin and Nelson Mandela. Read by narrators including Arthur Smith and Miriam Margolyes.

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In their own words, letters from history, read by arthur smith and miriam margolyes

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