Powerful Audio Drama

Short and Powerful Audio Drama

powerful audio drama

Short and Powerful Audio Dramas

These short audio dramas pack an emotional punch. Listen to touching performances from Timothy West and Prunella Scales in ‘On Three‘, playing a couple coping with the loss of their son to AIDS. Prunella and Timothy also star in Seasons, as a couple about to be tragically split apart. Dream Me a Winter originally starred Tamsin Outhwaite, Patricia Hodge and Adrian Lukis on stage in a short drama written and performed for the Old Vic 24 Hour Plays Celebrity Gala. In A Friend in Me, John is saved from an accident and makes a new best friend.

Powerful Audio Dramas

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  1. Wireless Theatre produce wonderful dramas, last night I listened to “Valentine’s Day” and thought it superb, not to mention the incredible “Spring-Heeled Jack” audio drama which I loved (still trying to get the splendid theme music for that!). I love Wireless Theatre – end of!


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