Wireless Theatre Audio Drama Montage, 2017

Wireless Theatre Audio drama Montage 2017
Wireless Theatre Ltd Audio Drama
Wireless Theatre Audio Drama Montage, 2017
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Audio Drama Montage for 2017. It was high time we updated our Wireless Theatre Audio Drama montage, so we’ve put together the following 3.5 minute selection of some of our plays. Thanks to our always brilliant editor Malcolm Thorp!

Audio Drama Montage

The productions featured are (in order of appearance)

The Ballad of C.3.3
The Chicken Salad of a Troubled Mind
A Christmas Carol
Romeo and Jude
Burke & Hare
Dead London
Springheel’d Jack Series 3, Episode 3
Life At Death’s Door Part 1
The Jungle Book
Les Liaisons Dangereuses
Time Travel Incorporated
The Piper & Musicians of Bremmen
A Christmas Carol
The Saint Valentine’s Day Murder
Springheel Jack Various
Davis & McQuillan
The Maiden Without Hands
Springheel Jack, The Tunnels of Death
We Are The BBC

With beatboxing from Pikey Esquire in 2010 Space Commander.

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