Audio Drama for Halloween

Audio Drama for Halloween

Spooky Audio Drama for Halloween

Halloween 2020. You might not plan to go out, but there’s no need to miss out on being creeped out.

Why choose audio drama for Halloween? Horror works really well in an audio format, so prepare for us to creep up and scare the pants off you when you least expect it. You could be surprised at how our audio horrors inspire your imagination to create vivid and horrible scenes.

Top Audio Drama for Halloween

From spooky and unsettling to downright terrifying, set the Halloween mood with our top horror picks. Night of the Orchid, described as ‘really scary’, is our most frequently downloaded horror. Some, like The Grimm of Stottesden Hall were recorded live in front of a somewhat jumpy audience. Ramping up the scare factor for Crooker’s Kingdom we went a step further and recorded with a live audience on location on Halloween night. Blood and Stone is Marty Ross’s play based on the true story of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a mass murderer bricked up in her own castle, too noble to execute for her horrific crimes. We recorded on location in a seriously spooky old house. All our binaural 3D audio horrors pack a memorable punch. Listen in the dark, with headphones for the full terrifying 3D effect.

So, carve those pumpkins, turn the lights off, and prepare for a scare…


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