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For fans of musical theatre and comedy who fancy some at-home ears-only entertainment, we bring you a wacky selection of musical comedy radio plays. For your listening amusement, enjoy the wit and warbling of the great Peter Davis, creator of Galaxicabs, a sci-fi murder mystery musical comedy romance, The History of England, musical comedic historical synopsis, and co-creator of comedy sketch show Davis and McQuillan.
Wacky and talented troupe No Cause For A Llama (Andrew Irvine, Nick Von Schlippe, Gareth Davies and Phil Leamon) will entertain you with songs such as ‘We’re doing this show cos no-one will give us a job’ in The Llamabury Tales, a modern spoof of the Canterbury tales. Described as ‘the South Park of radio drama’, No Cause for a Llama’s productions The Fun Tom Menace, The Donkey Hotrod Story, Stream and Llamageddon will keep you entertained for hours.

Musical Comedy Audio Plays

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