Audio drama true stories

Audio dramatisations of real life events

based on true stories

Audio Drama True Stories

If you’re interested in a little history with your entertainment, our selection of comedies and dramas below will you keep you happy for hours. Musical comedy The History of England starring writer Peter Davis has been described as ‘a one man horrible histories’. Ladies stars beloved comedy great Alison Steadman, battling Victorian norms to get a ladies public toilet installed in London. Our nine part award-winning production The Springheel Saga explores the fascinating Victorian urban legend of Springhee’d Jack. Browse below to hear the compelling stories of a Spanish poet, a WW1 Nurse, the first woman to change her gender, and many more.


Carina Rodney’s swashbuckling tale of real-life pirates Mary Read and Anne Bonny. This fantastic podcast explores the love affair between the two, and their adventurous lives. Directed by Kate Saxon.
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