The Bechdel Test

Audio Plays That Pass the Bechdel Test

bechdel test

Radio Plays Passing the Bechdel Test

The Bechdel Test was devised to assess the representation of women in fiction. In order to pass the Bechdel test, a piece of fiction must feature a scene in which women speak to each other, and not about a man. That is all. Surely most fiction passes this test, you might think? Well, no. Wireless Theatre feature lots of exciting dramas and entertaining comedies where women speak to other women about something other than men. Like in real life! Sadly, this has been historically less usual than a modern person might expect. Although not all fiction passing the Bechdel Test does a great job of representing women well, it’s a quick and simple way to assess whether women are represented at all.

Audio Plays Passing the Bechdel Test

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LGBT+ History Month audio drama Hellcats Wireless Theatre


Carina Rodney’s swashbuckling tale of real-life pirates Mary Read and Anne Bonny. This fantastic podcast explores the love affair between the two, and their adventurous lives. Directed by Kate Saxon.
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